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Chronic Care Management

Ideal for hospitals, health systems, ACOs, FQHCs, and multispecialty groups prioritizing preventive care and the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), we deliver a comprehensive solution. It includes seamless implementation, advanced technology, active patient engagement, and coordinated care, all tailored for Chronic Care Management.

Woman holding iPad in professional healthcare setting

Enhanced Precision in Risk Assessment

Haver AI delivers a state-of-the-art CCM platform to ACOs and care providers. Our expert patient engagement teams maintain industry-high enrollment rates, establishing a foundation for superior program adherence and billing effectiveness. This combination leads to a CCM program distinguished by its exceptional performance.

Haver AI Dashboard
Haver AI Patient Risk Assessment

AI-powered Patient Risk Assessments

Haver AI is disrupting the preventive care industry with AI-powered interventions. Simply review patient risks, recommend care plans, and our team will carry-out the CCM program for you. 

Unparalleled Explainability

Haver AI offers physicians sophisticated, transparent machine learning models to uncover the reasons behind patients being high-risk and costly. Our white box machine learning models ensure clarity, helping physicians comprehend the risk factors affecting their patients.

Haver AI Explanation Modeling LIME
Haver AI Explanation Modeling LIME SHAP
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