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Principal Care Management

The leading choice for hospitals, health systems, ACOs, FQHCs, multispecialty groups, and organizations dedicated to managing single, critical chronic conditions, our Principal Care Management (PCM) service offers seamless implementation, cutting-edge technology, dynamic patient engagement, and thorough care coordination. Tailored to address the unique requirements of patients with significant chronic health issues, it aims to improve their life quality and health outcomes. Our focus is on early containment of chronic conditions to prevent them from evolving into costly, severe complications in the future.

Professional in healthcare setting holding tablet

Enhanced Risk Prediction Accuracy

Haver AI provides ACOs and care providers with a cutting-edge PCM platform. Our patient engagement teams achieve top enrollment rates, fostering unmatched program adherence and precise billing. This synergy drives our PCM program to exceptional success.

Haver AI Dashboard
Haver AI Patient Risk Assessment

AI-Enabled Risk Identification and Care Optimization

Haver AI enhances chronic condition management through AI-enhanced tools. We assess patient risks and optimize care plans, enabling our team to execute the PCM program effectively, focusing on precise and impactful chronic condition management.

Haver AI SHAP Explanation

Superior Clarity in Risk Prediction

Haver AI provides physicians with clear, advanced machine learning models for understanding and managing high-risk patients. Our focus on explainable AI illuminates patient risk factors, giving physicians a deeper insight into conditions and supporting the development of effective, personalized care plans.

Haver AI LIIME Explanation
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