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Transition Care Management

The definitive choice for hospitals, health systems, ACOs, FQHCs, multispecialty groups, and entities committed to optimizing patient recovery and outcomes post-discharge. Our comprehensive Transition Care Management (TCM) service ensures seamless implementation, leverages advanced technology, fosters proactive patient engagement, and provides meticulous care coordination. It's specifically designed to support patients during the critical post-discharge phase, ensuring they receive the personalized care needed to prevent readmissions and promote a smooth transition to home or the next level of care.

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Enhancing TCM Revenue Opportunities

Haver AI equips hospitals, ACOs, and care providers with a state-of-the-art TCM platform, aimed at drastically reducing readmission rates. Our dedicated patient engagement teams focus on providing superior care, ultimately leading to lower costs and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our TCM program for all involved.

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Haver AI Patient Risk Assessment

AI-Enhanced Patient Transition Planning

Haver AI revolutionizes post-discharge care through immediate, AI-powered approaches. Assess patient risks, refine transition strategies, and allow our team to implement the TCM program on your behalf, guaranteeing a seamless move from hospital to home with ongoing, supportive care coordination.

Haver AI SHAP Explanations

Advanced Transparency in Patient Risk Evaluation

Haver AI provides physicians with advanced, transparent machine learning models to navigate the intricacies of post-discharge risks. With our explainable AI, we clarify risk factors, empowering physicians to deeply comprehend patient vulnerabilities and customize post-discharge care for enhanced outcomes.

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